Healing in Daylesford

In Spiritual Healing the soul is invoked, as well as the angels and higher consciousness. Spiritual healing assists in aligning the physical and inner bodies, to help to rebalance, revitalise and recreate harmony in the personal life. 

Dorthe Klar

Your session may also include sound healing with tubular bells, breathing and visualisation techniques, tailored to your needs.

Dorthe Klar

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“Dorthe brings a natural warmth and kindness, refined sensitivity and capacity for deep empathy to her healing work with clients. The uplifting and healing effect I felt after the sessions I’ve had with her was palpable and sublime. Her intuition backed up by spiritual knowledge and wisdom gathered over many years makes her a go-to person for regular spiritual healings.” Namita Trensky (Psychologist)

“I received a healing with Dorthe when I came to Australia to remedy my jet lag. I had tension, nausea, dizziness and vomiting. After the healing, my body felt as if it had come back into balanced and cleansed. Vomiting and dizziness had ceased. In this testimonial I would like to make my warmest recommendations for Dorthe as a skilled and very ethical healer. When I need healing again, Dorthe will be my choice. “ Tina Hansen (Social Worker and Teacher)

This afternoon I had a massage followed by a Spiritual healing by Dorthe in Daylesford.
I can’t describe the depth, clarity and insights. There are no words, just an Inner gratitude. For the ultimate spiritual experience of deep healing.” Thank you Dorthe Klar Berg.
Luba Bradford (posted on FB)

Dorthe Klar

I have been working as a healing practitioner for many decades. My extensive training in Denmark and my work with people of all ages, has given me a deep sense of empathy and compassion for the impact that modern life has on mind, body and spirit.

I have a passion for supporting my clients to feel comfortable and centred within themselves and it brings me great joy to be able to support people to reconnect with their authentic inner selves.

The Healing sessions can include sound healing with tubular bells, breathing and visualisation techniques. My approach to the client is always gentle, grounded by my intuition and sensitivity.

I am a certified spiritual healer, training for over ten years with the Theosophical Healer School in Esbjerg, Denmark, and have a lifelong interest and passion for working with healing and upliftment of spirit.

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Dorthe Klar