A Story of 5 years –
of Setting up and Facilitating Men’s Groups – 
including Exercises & Themes that can be used to 
Setup your own Support Circle.
(380 pages, paperback)

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Looking to the Stars I find a sense of belonging, comfort, peace and perspective.

Contemplating the Divine, I wonder if our first gift is freedom. Freedom to be. Freedom to choose. Freedom to awaken to ever-greater consciousness and Love.

And what we do with such blessings.

A selection of contemplations and poetry – looking at various aspects of – being human and becoming whole.

‘After the Storm’ by Arjuna Govinda

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At 23, Arjuna’s health collapsed and his chosen career abruptly ended. The author saw this as a sign to search for insight into the human condition and connect with his true inner self.

Towards The Lion is the autobiographical account of one man’s quest for love, light and inner peace. The author shares the unusual path his passion for learning led him on, and his mystical connection seeking joy in life. Arjuna gives an honest look at the many blessings and challenges of his spiritual path.

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