Guided Meditations

Dorthe Klar has Guided Meditations in Daylesford as well as Ballarat area throughout 2018 and 2019. These had to be put on hold during 2020-21 due to Covid-19 restrictions. Contact Dorthe for latest details.

Dorthe Klar has a lifelong interest and passion for working with healing and upliftment of spirit through meditation and spiritual healing. She guides deep relaxing, meditative processes both with individual clients and groups.
Dorthe is a certified spiritual healer, training for over ten years with the Theosophical Healer School in Esbjerg, Denmark, and working with meditation and healing over two decades.

10 good reasons to Meditate.

  1. You are taught to relax in both body and mind.
  2. Your “chatterbox” mind slows down in tempo, and that gives you a chance to become more aware of, and openminded for, what is happening in your life.
  3. Meditation strengthens your concentration and ability to focus.
  4. You become more mindful and learn to stay present in the moment.
  5. You also learn to appreciate what happens here and now.
  6. You have the possibility to get to know yourself better.
  7. You develop more flow and joy in your daily life
  8. You will discover that you have more resilience when challenges occur.
  9. You become more conscious about the relationship between body, mind and breath.
  10. You will become more your true, whole self.

NB Please note – Important – For health reasons, you must not be using any drugs or strong pharmaceuticals when participating.

Meditation for Self-Care, De-stressing and Recharge.

Be guided to relax in both body and mind. Give yourself time-out to become aware of what is happening in your inner-life. Learn to stay present in the moment and appreciate what happens in  the here and now. Get in contact with your true self again.

Meditation helps develop more resilience when challenges occur. It also creates more flow and joy in your daily life, as you become more conscious about the relationship between your body, mind and breath.

Peace of Mind or Peace of Heart
‘Peace of mind’ is a guided relaxation, utilising mindfulness. A mindful meditation.
‘Peace of Heart’ is a guided cleansing meditation for emotional strength.

Diamond or Flame meditation
‘Diamond meditation’ a guided meditation that cleanses and brings light to the chakras and the whole self / personality.
‘Flame meditation’ cleansing through the colours of the rainbow.

Inner Journey meditation
‘Inner Journey’ Travel within to the inner heart-space, for self-care, inner peace and inner guidance.

Healing Meditation
‘Healing Meditations’ are guided sequences with relaxing, calling on healing energies from angels and Ascended Masters of higher consciousness to assist in purifying, harmonising and healing of the personal self.

Guided Meditation

Contact Dorthe Klar by email or text 0459 092 436


“Dorthe has in the best, and most professional, way managed to guide me through meditation. This was such a sublime experience. I can warmly recommend her guided meditations to anyone who needs to have a purified aura and find connection with the inner core of self in one’s busy everyday life. “ Tina Hansen (Social Worker and Teacher)

“I love Tuesday nights and meditation with Dorthe, followed by a cuppa, spiritual and meaningful discussion afterwards. We did some drawing tonight after the meditation and chose qualities to work with. My two were: Commanding and Trustworthy – strong and empowering qualities.” Luba Bradford

“Meditation tonight was something else. Dorthe Klar had a stand with 5 magnificent Tubular Bells, which represented the chakras and various Vibrations. She played very soft music…ocean waves in the background, and as we went deeper, she introduced the vibrational sounds of the Bells/chimes. I’ve never experienced anything like that.” L.B. Buninyong, Victoria

“It was exquisite wasn’t it … I’m still floating”. L.F.  Ballarat, Victoria