Life Coaching

How long since you have spoken to someone and felt truely heard?

Greg aims to bring about positive change. To assist you in moving through difficulties and finding greater connection to your true self in wholeness. To help you to become more self-aware and realise your positive potentials.

Life Coaching is a relationship between client and counsellor that is non-judgemental but focuses on allowing you to explore what is going on in your life and changes you would like to make.

Emphasis is on conscious awareness and alignment of spirit, soul, mind and body to support you to experience inner peace, wholeness and meaning in life. Life Coaching aims to help you to move beyond stresses and issues to a more fulfilled essence of your true self.

Life Coaching is a process of self-exploration, self-understanding and constructive action. The process of coaching emphasises mindful awareness, choice, personal responsibility and self-help. The knowledge, experience and care of the Life Coach, assists you as client to be supported in non-judgemental, open and honest conversations.

Life Coaching may be of special assistance to deal with unpredictable changes or transitions in life, or simply to have the support in your personal and spiritual development. It may be as simple as assisting you to be heard, and have the opportunity to see what it is that stresses you and encouragement in what choices you want to make in your life and support as you make them.

We each create our life through our choices and life often provides challenges that may benefit from the support of others, including Life Coaching sessions.

You are welcome to book for one session to try it out – or ongoing sessions for as long as you feel that they are helping you. Regular Sessions are for one hour. 75 & 90 minute sessions are available.

Greg Govinda works in Daylesford and surrounding areas and can be contacted via email ( or text (0466 339 287) for further information.