Greg Govinda

Greg is a Life Coach Facilitator, Educator, Researcher, Publisher and Artist. His main work for the past three decades has been in publishing books and articles on Spirituality and Holistic Psychology. For the past two years his main focus is on developing Men’s support groups and Workshops for understanding, well-being and healing.

The Men’s groups focus on developing awareness, understanding, personal and spiritual growth. Inner Work workshops focus on helping participants learn to become more self-aware, knowledgeable and practised in awakening to holistic wellbeing and joy.

As an Artist, Greg creates Video documentaries on artists and musicians and creates line drawings for book and video illustrations. He also enjoys exploring making videos that express a Poetry of life.

“Towards the Lion” – a Memoir by Arjuna Govinda (Greg Govinda)

At 23, Arjuna’s health collapsed and his chosen career abruptly ended. The author saw this as a sign to search for insight into the human condition and connect with his true inner self.

Towards The Lion is the autobiographical account of one man’s quest for love, light and inner peace. The author shares the unusual path his passion for learning led him on, and his mystical connection seeking joy in life. Arjuna gives an honest look at the many blessings and challenges of his spiritual path.

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