Music Past Events

Rekjavik, Iceland. Oct. 2017









October 2017. Enjoying offering a music evening in Rekjavik, Iceland. We also got to enjoy the beauty of the nature and dear people we met there.

Esbjerg, Denmark, Oct. 2017

Also in October 2017. At Esbjerg on the West coast of Denmark. A concert together with Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen.

Dorthe Klar Berg













Easter Monday 2018 in Daylesford, Vic. Australia. Enjoying a music session with friends.



Back in Denmark for the ‘Living Heart of Theosophy’ Summer School in Katerminde, where we got to catch up with many dear friends and play music with Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen. 







Still in Denmark but now on the East coast in Copenhagen. A very pleasant music afternoon with Lawrence Lindhardt Christensen and guest musician Majbritte Ulrikkeholm. Such a peaceful way to enjoy and afternoon with good people. Big thanks to all who came to enjoy the music with us.